Bangabandhu Satellite-1 (BS-1)is launched to ensure improved Communication and broadcasting over Bangladesh and surrounding region under the coverage area. Over this common services will provided by the BS1 are:


Ku-band service consisting of multiplexed digital television, radio and associated data direct to very small antennas. Operators in the respective countries will package the content at their broadcast centre(s) and transmit them to the Bangabandhu Ground Station or another earth station facility for uplink to the Satellite.

Video Distribution

C-band service of multiplexed digital television, radio and associated data services to medium-sized antennas anywhere in the Satellite’s footprint. The users of this service are likely to be broadcasters distributing their content services to intermediaries like cable TV network operators, or re-broadcasters like DTH Operators in other countries.

VSAT Private Networks

The Network shall support private networks consisting of voice, data, video and Internet services, to banks, corporate offices, etc. with medium-sized antennas. The service will be delivered using Ku-Band in the Bangladesh and the IndiaPlus coverage regions and using C-Band beams. Typically, the Purchaser’s customers will be Satellite Service Providers offering end-to-end services for the user groups.


This is a Ku-Band Broadband service that allows the end-user (individual, organization, corporation or Government) to remotely access the Internet at high speed with high quality of service. Small to medium-sized antennas will be required in Bangladesh and IndiaPlus with medium-sized antennas in Indonesia and the Philippines. The Purchaser’s customers will typically be Satellite Service Providers and Internet Service Providers, which will retain the services to end-users.

Communications Trunks

Ku-Band and C-Band wide band high data rate point-to-point services that require large antennas at both ends of the circuit. Typically, Telco’s and GSM Operators use these services. Over this e-learning, Telemedicine and remote office like service will be promoted by this Bangabandhu Satellite -1. It will provide uninterrupted telecommunication service in national or regional natural calamities.