Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL) is a state owned company. It has been established to perform after launching activities of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 , controlling the satellite from the ground station, marketing and sales services etc.

Our People

Bakhtiar Ahmed bakhtiar.ahmed@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Nasiruzzaman Bony md_nasir@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Muntasirur Rahman muntasir@bcscl.com.bd
Faisal Mohsin faisal@bcscl.com.bd
Asif Ahmed Khan asif@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Shaikh Salman shaikh@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Shafiul Azam shafiul.azam@bcscl.com.bd
Hamed Hasan Muhammad Mohiuddin hamed.mohiuddin@bcscl.com.bd
Rehenuma Tarannum rehenuma.tarannum@bcscl.com.bd
Asad Bin Yusuf asad.yusuf@bcscl.com.bd
Sk. Samiul Reza samiul@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Shirazus Salekin salekin@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Aminur Rahman aminur@bcscl.com.bd
Hasan Shamim Shaon shamim.shaon@bcscl.com.bd
Tajdid Ul Alam tajdid@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Shamaun Sobhan Shohan shamaun@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Arafin Mahamud arafin@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Hachhibur Rahman hachhibur@bcscl.com.bd
Mohammad Atiqullah atiq@bcscl.com.bd
Palash Kundu palash@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Abu Bakar Siddique abu.bakar@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Sadikul Bari sadikulbari@bcscl.com.bd
Md. Suaibur Rahman suaibur@bcscl.com.bd
Tanvir Ahmed Rezvi tanvir.rezvi@bcscl.com.bd
Nujhat Tanjina nujhat.tanjina@bcscl.com.bd
Saif Mahmood saif.mahmood@bcscl.com.bd
Sadia Islam sadia.islam@bcscl.com.bd
Setu Karmokar setu.karmokar@bcscl.com.bd
Sajjad Mohit Shaon shaon@bcscl.com.bd
Md.Toufik Alam toufik@bcscl.com.bd
Khaja Md. Harun-ur-Rashid reza@bcscl.com.bd
Papon Bhowmik papon@bcscl.com.bd
Moue Islam moue.islam@bcscl.com.bd
Dipunker Sikder dipunker@bcscl.com.bd